Vibration Technology – damping and positioning with damping effect

The mesh products of RHODIUS offer multiple benefits.

They offer reductions in noise and
vibration (NVH) as well as giving good
insulation performance.

In manifolds, the knitted wire mesh can be applied in many forms, e.g. as
decoupling components, as elements
for vibrating and thermally strained
components and also as sealing rings
and friction-damping elements.

Knitted wire mesh for damping the vibrations is used for wrapping the cor-
rugated pipes. It is also suitable as a friction damper on such components.
Knitted wire mesh is applied as a decoupling component for vibrating and
thermally strained components in the area of the exhaust pipe and the ma-
nifold. Furthermore the positioning and damping elements meet the user's
need for continuous optimisation and ease of use, especially in the automo-
tive industry, but also in the field of mechanical and industrial engineering.