Tube Forming

RHODIUS is a modern company orientated towards global markets.
By using state-of-the-art technologies in all areas and processes within
our organization we meet the high requirements and expectations of our
customers regarding quality, productivity and flexibility.

airbag-rohrumformung RHODIUS has particular exper-
tise in the production and for-
ming of tubes for airbag and
belt tensioning systems. Our ma-
chinery can be easily adapted
to customer demands - forming,
machining and thermal treatment
can take place in one production
line. Thus, the tubes can be treated through cold and hot forming operations
and sealed in a gas-tight manner.

In the development phase of new tubular products we have at our disposal
machine capacity for both prototype and short-run production. This is then
converted to large-scale series manufacturing using fully-automated pro-
duction lines, some equipped with integrated testing devices.

Our methods combine the design advantages of non-cutting production
with the precision and range of options offered by metal cutting. Our for-
ming method is an ideal tool for our customers to implement cost-reduction
and quality control as well as guaranteeing their competitiveness.