Separation Technology

Droplet Separation from Liquids

beobachtenTraditional fields of application for droplet sepa-
ration from liquids are refineries, extraction pro-
cesses, dewatering of bio diesel, washing pro-
cesses, manufacturing plants of plastics or sili-
cone oils as well as waste-water treatment.
RHODIUS knitted wire mesh is also used in
(wet) air filters, for example in grinding machi-
nes, for military applications and air-conditio-
ning units.

Droplet Separation from Gases

The separation of droplets from gases or liquids can be found in many in-
dustrial applications. RHODIUS offers knitted wire meshes and coalescen-
ce elements with efficient separation performance which separate unwan-
ted impurities up to the solubility limit. With knitted wire mesh from
RHODIUS it is possible to produce almost all kinds of geometries and
thus optimised and tailor-made products for the respective application.

tropfenabscheidung Besides the wire diameter also the ma-
terial and the density have influence on
the function, which can be adapted to
customer requirements. Traditional
fields of application for droplet separa-
tion from gases are absorbing and dis- tilling columns, evaporation and pressure reducing plants, under conditions
of vacuum- and compressed air, production of sulfuric acid, and in oil- and
emulsion mist separators in circulatory or exhaust air operations.

Crankcase Ventilation

A special application for oil droplet separation from gases is in engine
crankcase ventilation. Oil droplets are separated from a gas stream of the
engine in order to prevent impurities in the intake, a reduction of the tur-
bocharger performance and the settling of the charge air cooler.

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