Process Components

Catalytic Converters

The use of active surfaces such as platinum, carbon or palladium opens
up manifold possibilities. In many chemical processes the implementation
is only possible by means of an activation state.

katalysator Besides the chemical industry, the ex-
haust technology in automobiles – ca- talytic converter and exhaust particula-
te filter – as well as two-stroke engines
and other relevant small appliances
are of particular importance

Heat exchanger

RHODIUS knitted wire mesh can considerably improve the heat transfer in
exchangers. The effectiveness of the knitted wire mesh is based first, on the
increased turbulence of the air flowing through and second, on the enlarge-
ment of the heat-transmitting surface. This volume reduction allows a more
flexible design of heat exchangers.

waermetauscherSuch knitted wire mesh can be found
e.g. in tube bundle heat exchangers,
air conditioning and ventilation

Explosion Protection

In order to prevent an explosion it is important to reduce the generation
of heat as quickly as possible and in an appropriate manner and dissipate
the generated heat.

explosionsschutz Owing to the high heat-absorbing properties
and the steady heat transfer, the knitted wire
meshes of RHODIUS represent an effective
explosion protection. Even dust explosions
can be reliably prevented by using knitted
wire mesh. Used as a filling in tanks knitted
wire mesh serves as flame arrester – in per-
manently installed tanks as well as in auto-
motive engineering.