How it all began

1925 - Max Rhodius founded a small family business in Weissenburg producing pan
scourers from knitted wire mesh. The busi-
ness started with four employees working in the company and a large num-
ber of home workers.

1950 - At the beginning of the fifties the product range expanded to include
ventilation and air-conditioning filter media as well as sound-damping pro-
ducts using knitted wire mesh technolgy. As a result of the growing produc-
tion programme RHODIUS employed more staff.

After the death of Max Rhodius, his grandson joins the company.

1968 - 1974 - the old factory building was expanded
and converted. The first knitted wire mesh for automo-
tive catalytic converter technology is developed and
manufactured by RHODIUS.

1985 - Due to the growth of the company com-
bined with innovations for the automotive indu-
stry as well as the entry in to the markets of
process, electrical, environmental and mecha-
nical engineering the original company grounds are becoming too small
and Max Rhodius GmbH relocates to a new industrial park in South
Weissenburg. 1994 - RHODIUS has a production area of more than
7,700 m² and 140 employees.

1990's - In the nineties the first subsidiary
in South Africa for the wire mesh production
is founded. 1992 - EX-CELL-O group takes
over Max Rhodius GmbH. Certification to
DIN EN ISO 9001is achieved, followed by
certification according to the quality standard VDA 6.1 and QS 9000 this is
a milestone for the company. 1999 – 1st January, 1999, RHODIUS GmbH
is sold to Bürger AG. As a result, RHODIUS further expands its market posi-
tion and secures the administration and production location in Weissenburg.

2001 - Now with 178 employees RHODIUS is supplying high quality knitted
wire mesh for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry as
well as in environmental and process engineering. Furthermore, the com-
pany resumes the apprentice training scheme in order to meet the future
needs for qualified staff drawing from its own resources.

2002 - By attracting further European airbag
generator customers, this sector can be de-
veloped on a large scale. As the greatest in-
vestment so far, a fully automatic production plant (investment: almost
€ 1 million) is put into operation for an airbag customer.

2003 - Our production site in Tapolca, Hungary is founded. This makes it
possible to secure our market share in the automotive area (knitted wire
mesh products for exhaust systems) and remain competitive.

2005 - BÜRGER AG has sells the business
segments Rhodius Weißenburg, our produc-
tion site in Laage (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and Rhodius Tapolca (Hun- gary) to NORD Holding Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft, Hannover
and Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft as majority shareholders with
effect from December 31, 2005, this has been a year of reorientation and
changes for RHODIUS.

Today, the rapidly expanding company employs more than 400 personnel
at four locations with a steadily growing number of customers and con-
stantly new applications.