Exhaust Technology

Modern exhaust gas systems are heavy-duty assemblies. For this reason,
the quality of a small individual component is of major importance for the
reliable function of the complete system. Knitted wire mesh from RHODIUS
is used for:

Elastic positioning of ceramic monoliths of the catalyst
Decoupling units
Sealing and compensating relative motions in flanged joints
Bypass sealing
Edge protection
Distance elements for swell-mat systems
Air-gap insulated pipe connections


RHODIUS knitted wire mesh is used in particular as leak protection for
mineral-fiber filled exhaust silencers. Exhaust parts are exposed to high
temperatures caused by acceleration processes. The respective material
used is chosen on the basis of the specific needs for every individual

RHODIUS knitted wire mesh meets the
demanding criteria and therefore, can
be used in a wide range of applications
in the exhaust gas system.