Constructional Elements

Electrical Contact Elements

konktaktelemente Due to their excellent geometric and
thermal properties, knitted wire mesh
elements in fuel cells are used for both
stationary and mobile applications.
They take up the position of a contact
and compensation element.

Sealing Elements

In business sectors such as pipeline engineering, there are components
needed which have a high resistance to most of the oils, acids, alkalis,
fats and solvents.

dichtungselemente Flexible and elastic sealings made of
knitted wire mesh meet these require-
ments and can be adjusted to the
given environment by selecting the
appropriate material.

Electromagnetic Shielding

For the pipeline and cable technology it is important to protect sensitive
components from penetrating electromagnetic radiation, in particular
from electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as from radio frequency
interference (RFI).

abschirmungIndividually formed knitted wire mesh
elements and cords can be adapted to
every geometry and optimized for the
respective requirements due to the
variety of materials such as stainless
steel, aluminium, copper and monel.

Benefits of this application with knitted wire mesh from RHODIUS include
flexibility for the assembly, corrosion resistance over the lifetime as well
as easy recycling.

Prevention of Vandalism (Protection against Cuts)

For those living and working areas where materials are exposed to extre-
mely high strains, we produce flexible and heavy-duty knitted wire meshes
which are processed to long-wearing and very durable compound materials.

vandalismusprävention In public transport vehicles, the knitted
wire mesh mats, which are worked into
the padding, protect the seating surfa-
ces and seat-backs effectively against
willful acts of vandalism.